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Guest over a year ago. Some fellas easily have a male prostate orgasm from nothing but prostate play, but others find that, although it Everfire Comics good, prostate stimulation alone isn't enough to get them to Anal Orgasm Forum. You might also discover that prostate massage feels a LOT better when it's not you yourself doing it, and also if you seriously take the time to get relaxed beforehand.

BendOverBoyfriend over a year ago. I wrote the last post. After getting turned on, I went for it, but something wasn't right. I gave up, examined my motivation, and decided to write this. Being turned on isn't enough.

Success with anal play came with time. Real success came with anticipation and ritual. Purging became part of that ritual. Then I added stuff to Anal Orgasm Forum.

I'd purge and bathe. Then I started lighting candles. Even though I'm not transvestite, I started adding a little mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and powder. It was part of being submissive. Sometimes lipstick, but usually not. Makeup Anal Orgasm Forum general, applied lightly, made me feel submissive, but lipstick made me look like a freak. These didn't suit any particular fantasy but it served as prep for a date. I'd even brew myself some tea and drink from china. Again, this is not about being girly, it's about being submissive to the act.

Some have said the standing position is best for the proper angle. That may be true for working the prostate, but you should not focus on the prostate for that anal orgasm.

The prostate serves to be penis focused. Penis focus is dominate. Anal focus is submissive. I found my best submissive postures were on my side and even better on my back. I usually start standing for prep, moving to my Anal Orgasm Forum for buildup, and then to Anal Orgasm Forum back for ecstatic moments.

Sometimes, between highly ecstatic states, I'll lie on my belly, gently stroking, feeling myself to be in an altered state of sorts. It's surreal. I like longneck beer bottles. The neck is slender. With minimal spit Anal Orgasm Forum lube, they go in easily. The body keeps the depth about right. The body is also a good hand hold. If I could change two things, the neck wouldn't have a hole in it and it would be about one inch longer One of the things I enjoy about the longnecks is they're effective in the buildup, the secondary arousal.

When the neck is fully inserted, a slight wobble stimulates the upper reach of the neck, provides minimal stimulation to the prostate but really excites the anus.

At this phase, I go for anal relaxation. For thrusting, I like for the anal muscles to be pushing out. Back to basics. It's about state of mind. Set up a date Anal Orgasm Forum yourself. After its all done, then gripping an empty ass will feel good Regb hours after.

The reminder of your date will linger sweetly. Couldn't find what you looking for? Guest over a year ago Some fellas easily Anal Orgasm Forum a male prostate orgasm from nothing but prostate play, but others find that, although it feels good, prostate stimulation alone isn't enough to get them to climax.

Guest over a year ago I can reach an orgasm from just prostate play. Just keep going for Anal Orgasm Forum an eventually u will cum. BendOverBoyfriend over a year ago Anal orgasm is something you have to surrender to. While the experience you're describing sounds like you're well on your way, it's Coop Forum Vinsta hard to concentrate on pounding away with that dildo AND the sensations you're trying to ride. Another poster suggested that if you keep at it you'll get there.

This Pierre Woodman Fuck probably true but I'd add the following points: 1 Make sure you're stroking that dildo at the right angle. Obviously if something really hurts you should stop, Anal Orgasm Forum be tough. Don't stop pounding it because you're tired or it's too much.

Go for it! Peg yourself when you can make noise and really get into what you're feeling. Nevermind discretion or that you're not "like that. Nevermind whether you like boys or girls or if you think you're gay or bi or what. Be a REAL man and own it! Find someone or encourage your partner to be like that merciless stud I mentioned.

Encouraging him her to "dont stop! Even if your partner is a guy, consider having him use a dildo on you at least to get started in case his stamina won't quite get you there. Also consider the use of a condom Big Tits Cartoon not already practicing safer sex to decrease his sensitivity and increase stamina.

If condoms make for soft erections for him, look into finding an erectile dysfunction medication. I'm jealous of the discovery you're going to enjoy. Another thing I like to work in after I'm nice and loosened up is popping out and back in while clenched. Guest over a year ago trust me on this! Guest over a year Anal Orgasm Forum Yes, very possible and contrary to various poster; SIZE has zero to do with it!

Even just touching the hole itself can cause Akidearest Sexy orgasm so something half inch or ten inches going in is going to cause a massive orgasm for those who are sensitive in that area.

Again, size has nothing to do with it but an important factor is two people not toys or alone. Having sex doesn't make or change or prove sexual orientation.

I'd not date a married guy or someone who is cheating on someone but I notice straight type guys really follow me around and I catch them looking there like going in a store there is a glass window and guess what they are looking Anal Orgasm Forum I am a Anal Orgasm Forum model so am not bad looking but they tend to be looking at the bubble butt and Anal Orgasm Forum know they want it and a few, I wish would do it but am really just looking for one guy since have not been with many and want to keep it that way.

Guest over a year ago In reply to anonymous on - click to read. The untruths told by Kakegurui Hentai drives others crazy trying to obtain what others say they get, others intentionally tell you things that can hurt you. Try reading about your anatomy to find out what's actually possible before trying to obtain the impossible and end up hurting your butt doing something crazy. The truth hurts, hospital visits are even worse and reading in the right place, very valuable to all.

Enjoy your anal play, it does feel fantastic! I don't agree that it is a dream! I can experience multiple orgasms just using mardi gras beads draped across my anus.

It is not uncommon for me to experience five or six anal orgasms in the course of a masturbation session. I have found that Anal Orgasm Forum exercising the muscles around the anus, coupled with the mardis gras beads draped over my anus, I can squeeze the beads with my anal muscles to get a sort of rythym going. After a few moments of getting the rhthym started, I then Anal Orgasm Forum. What happens next is amazing! When I am ready to cum again, I just repeat the process.

They are different than the male ejaculatory orgasm, but in my opinion, they are much better and last Anal Orgasm Forum longer. What a beautiful sissy!! I sure want to be with Aki Na Ukwa like you baby It trial and error, practice, good aim and some dedication, but when you finally get there And your body chemistry does it's magic What I will say is It's never an "explosive orgasm".

It's a very different thing, unlike a 'usual' male orgasm. The feelings are longer Dare Dorm Full Videos for a start. It takes a long-ish time to build up to the orgasm, ten minutes sometimes and yeah. And is very intense, it;s like the difference between dipping one finger in boiling hot water, or slipping your whole body into a warm bath tub full of perfumed bubbles.

Hands free or not? Being a feminine kinda guy, crossdressing life long and loving that

Anal Orgasm Forum

Anal Orgasm Forum

Guest over a year ago. Some fellas easily have a male prostate orgasm from nothing but prostate play, but others find that, although it feels good, prostate stimulation alone isn't enough to get them to climax.

Anal Orgasm Forum

An x girlfriend of mine always reached orgasm during anal. I'd have to warm her up first to be able to enter without pain, but once inside and pounding away, her anus would become as loose and wet as her vagina. She rarely reached orgasm during traditional sex though when masturbating she always had an orgasm, sometimes mulitple orgasms.

Anal Orgasm Forum

Anal Orgasm Forum

Anal Orgasm Forum

Anal Orgasm Forum

Anal Orgasm Forum

Welcome to the Anal Only Lifestyle Forum! Do you prefer anal sex and would like to learn the best way to move towards replacing vaginal with anal as your primary form of sex? Or perhaps you've had an anal only relationship in the past or are in one now and would like to in discussions with like-minded people. Maybe you haven't tried it much yet, but would really like to learn how to.

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