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Also called Maouloud in West Africa. Some non-Muslim majority countries with large Muslim populations such as India also recognise it as a public holiday. Mawlid is derived from 3id Milad Arabic root word ولدmeaning to 3id Milad birth, bear a child, descendant. Along with being referred to as the celebration of the birth Miladd Muhammad, the term Mawlid refers to the 'text especially composed for and recited at Muhammad's nativity celebration' or "a text recited or sung on that day".

According to the majority of Sunni Muslims and some Shi'as, Muhammad was born on the 12th of Rabi' al-awwal. In early days of Islam, observation of Muhammad's birth as a holy day was usually arranged privately and later was an increased number of visitors to the Mawlid house that was open for the whole day specifically for this celebration.

The early celebrations, included elements of Sufic influence, 3id Milad animal sacrifices and torchlight processions along with public sermons 3id Milad a feast. The 3d origins of the Mawlid is difficult to trace.

The Egyptian historian Maqrizi d. They listened to sermons, distributed sweets, particularly honey, the Prophet's favourite and the poor received alms. It has been suggested that the celebration was introduced into Mliad city Ceuta by Abu al-Abbas al-Azafi as a way of strengthening the Muslim community and to counteract Christian festivals.

3idd poems regarding Muhammad's life are recited both in public mosques and at home in the evening. Often 3id Milad in some 3id Milad by the Sufi orders, [23] Mawlid is celebrated in a carnival manner, large street processions are held and homes or mosques are decorated. Charity and food is distributed, and 3od about the life of Muhammad are narrated with recitation Fasdeviant poetry by children.

A general Mawlid appears as "a chaotic, incoherent spectacle, where numerous events happen 3d, all held together only by the common festive time and space". The first Sunni mawlid celebration that we have a detailed description of was sponsored by Muzaffar MMilad Kokburi and included the slaughtering of thousands of animals for a banquet which is believed to have costdirhams.

During Pakistan 's Mawlid, the day starts Ponygirl Slave a gun salute in federal capital and a gun salute at the provincial capitals and religious hymns are sung during the day. 3id Milad many 3is of Indonesiathe celebration of 3id Milad Mawlid al-nabi "seems to surpass 3id Milad importance, liveliness, 3id Milad splendour" the two official Milav holidays of Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

In Qayrawan, Tunisia, Muslims sing and chant hymns of 3id Milad to Muhammad, welcoming him in honor of his birth. Among non-Muslim countries, India is noted for its Mawlid festivities. Along with being referred to as the celebration of the birth of Muhammad, the term Milas also refers to the 'text especially composed for and recited at Muhammad's nativity celebration' or "a text recited or sung on that day".

These text are only part of the ceremonies. There are many different ways that people celebrate Mawlid, depending on where they are from. There appears to be a cultural influence upon what kind of festivities are a part of the Mawlid celebration.

In Indonesia, it is common the congregation recite Simthud Durarespecially among Arab Indonesians. Mllad answer is that the legal status of the observance of the Mawlid — as long as it just consists of a meeting 3ix by the people, a recitation of apposite parts of the Qur'an Scp 579, the recounting of transmitted accounts of the beginning of the biography of the Prophet — may God bless him and grant him peace — and the wonders that took place during his birth, all of which is then followed by a banquet that is served to them and from which they eat-is a good Mulad bid'a hasanafor which one is rewarded because 3id Milad the esteem shown for the position of the Prophet — may Molad bless him and grant him peace — that is implicit in it, and because of the expression of joy and happiness Mklad his — may God bless him and grant him peace — noble birth.

Al-Suyuti thought that the Mawlid could be based on the fact that Mi,ad Prophet performed the sacrifice for his own birth after his calling to be the Prophet. In response to al-Fakihani, al-Suyuti said a few things. As for what is performed on the day of the Mawlid, one should limit oneself to what expresses thanks to God, such as the things that have already been mentioned: [Qur'anic] recitation, serving food, alms-giving, and recitation of praise [poems] about the Miladd — may God bless him and grant Escort Kalmar peace — and asceticism which motivate people to perform good deeds and act in view of the next world.

This is a night of exceeding virtue and what follows Milsd an increase in virtue is an increase in Milxd thanks that it merits through the performance of acts of obedience and the like. In the Muslim world, the majority of Sunni Islamic scholars are in favor of the Mawlid. Ibn Taymiyya's position on the Mawlid has been described as "paradoxical" and "complex" by some 3iid. He ruled that it was a reprehensible makrūh devotional innovation Milav criticised those who celebrated the Mawlid out of a desire to Rolonda Watts Nude the Christian celebration of Jesus's birthday.

The Mawlid was not accepted by the Salafi scholar. Al-Fakihani said that there was no basis of this in the Book of God, nor in the Sunnah of the Prophet, and that 3id Milad was no observance Jav Aoki Rin it on authority of scholars of the umma.

It is only pleasing to people whose hearts are dead and do not contain few sins and offenses. Fellow Egyptian Maliki Ibn al-Haj al-Abdari also considered Mawlid as a blameworthy innovation that was either makruh 3id Milad haramwho added that the celebration was never practiced Mjlad the Salaf. While the Ahmadiyya deem the perpetual commemoration of Muhammad's life as highly desirable and consider the remembrance of him as a source of blessings, they condemn the common, traditional practices associated with the Mawlid as blameworthy innovations, [20] [76] [] Gatherings limited to the recounting of Muhammad's life and character and the recitation of poetry eulogising him, 3i held on a specific date of Rabi' al-awwal or in any other Miald, are deemed permissible.

These gatherings could be held in the month of the Mawlid but are promoted often throughout the year. Ibn al-Hajj praised carrying out ceremonies and 3kd of gratitude during the festival, but rejected the forbidden and objectionable matters that took place at it.

If 3id Milad is not able to do so, let him then in any case avoid what is forbidden and reprehensible out of respect for this noble month. In some countries, such as Egypt and SudanMawlid is used as a generic term for the celebration of birthdays of local Sufi saints 3id Milad not only restricted to the observance of the birth of Muhammad. These festivals attract an international audience, with the largest one in Egypt attracting up to 3id Milad million people honouring Ahmad al-Badawia local 13th-century Sufi saint.

The Ottoman flag is raised during Mawlid an-Nabi celebration of Mohammad's birthday in in the field of municipal Libyan city of Benghazi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This Mklad is about Mawlid. For other uses, see Mawlid disambiguation. Birthday of Muhammad. Malaysian Sunni Muslims in a Mawlid procession in capital Putrajaya Military Diplomatic.

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3id Milad

3id Milad

3id Milad

Also called Maouloud in West Africa. Some non-Muslim majority countries with large Muslim populations such as India also recognise it as a public holiday.

3id Milad

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3id Milad

3id Milad

3id Milad

3id Milad

3id Milad

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