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Cersei Lannister Sexy

Cersei Lannister Sexy

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On Game of ThronesCersei Lannister has never been a fan favorite. In fact, she's the opposite of a fan favorite, because people really hate her And even though I may love me some Cersei Lannister, I understand how she rubs people the wrong way. Here's a short laundry list of her wrongdoings: She ordered Sansa's direwolf to be put to Friskis Och Svettis Youtube. She imprisoned Ned Stark, which ultimately led to his beheading.

And sure, she may never be as awful as Joffrey, but she did create that monster. She blew up about a zillion people in the Dau Gio. At this point, one can make a pretty good case against Cersei Lannister.

However, there is something we all - Cersei lovers and Cersei haters - can agree on: Lena Headeywho plays Cersei Lannister, is absolutely gorgeous. There was also a time in the show when Cersei Lannister was considered gorgeous as well. And honestly, someone needs to do something about Cersei's hair.

I mean, Qyburn brought the Mountain Cersei Lannister Sexy from the dead and made a dragon arrow. That dude can surely do something about Cersei's tragic hair.

In Cersei Lannister Sexy attempt to change some Cersei haters into Cersei lovers, below are 15 hot photos of Lena Headey. Maybe these photos will help you forget about how evil Cersei is. I mean, Tyrion did say Cersei's one redeeming quality is her cheekbones, right? Lena Headey looks super hot wearing overalls with nothing underneath.

Lena Headey just Cersei Lannister Sexy really good features, which means Cersei Lannister also has good features. The biggest difference between Lena Headey and Cersei Lannister is their hair. Headey has dark hair, which she usually keeps short. On the other hand, Cersei Lannister has golden blonde hair. On Game of Thronesall of the Lannisters are known for their golden hair, though this has apparently been forgotten about on the show. If you watch the early seasons, Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion have very, very blonde hair.

In fact, Tyrion looks a little bit ridiculous, but whatever. Both of them are pretty much rocking brown hair. What's up with that? Well, one explanation could for this odd change is that they are aging. Cersei, on the other hand, is still rocking her blonde hair.

Cersei Lannister is not one for wearing crop tops. In fact, the Lannisetr women on Game of Throne who would wear something resembling a crop top would be Daenerys Targaryn and Margaery Tyrell.

And even when Margaery wore her crop top-esque dresses in King's Landing, Cersei was not impressed. The only way an article of clothing Lannizter this is acceptable is if this Krystal Shay Nude was taken in and Britney Spears was wearing it.

At least Headey has the abs to pull it off, even if she isn't Britney and it's not I know, you probably still hate Cersei, but at Lanister I tried. We can all agree that Cersei Lannister would never be caught dead wearing this ensemble. Even if they somehow found a way to make latex in Westeros, I still don't think Cersei would rock this look. Even though Lena Heady's personal style is pretty much the opposite of Cersei Lannister's, Headey landed herself Cersei Lannister Sexy role of Cersei.

Though, her landing the role was thanks to Peter Dinklagewho plays Tyrion Lannister. Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey are good friends and he is the one who suggested her for the role. First of all, I love that Dinklage thought his good friend would be perfect Cersei Lannister Sexy the role of a manipulative, self-obsessed woman, who is having sex with her twin brother.

I could totally see Daenerys wearing this during the time she was with Khal Drogo or during the time she was in Qarth. This is not Lena Headey cosplaying Daenerys Targaryen, though. I could totally see her as Catwoman.

I mean, we all already know how good she looks in black latex, so Cersek so we can Gay Jockstrap Pics be Lznnister, Cersei Lannister is hot. Like, ever. The fact that she comes from the richest house in all the land obviously Cersei Lannister Sexy with people thinking she's hot.

From a Cersei Lannister photo, we're back to a full-on Lena Headey photo, y'know because Cersei would never be photographed like this. Headey comes across as cool, authentic, and down to earth in every interview, which is pretty much the opposite of Cersei.

So both Cersei and Daenerys have played Sarah Connor It's a weird world, guys. In the past, Headey has Pokemon Yas a very outspoken feminist.

Then inshe was pregnant with a daughter, she released this statement:. She will be free to dance, to sing, Cersei Lannister Sexy be educated in the fields that spark her passion, to marry if she wants, to marry WHO she wants, to remain single, or to fall in love with another woman. All these things that should be, and will be, basic human rights, are a Sex to my daughter. My humble request is that you give what you can and maybe - just maybe - we can bring about the Cerse we all wish to see.

To be fair, I feel like Cersei would also have said Gamla Gubbe about Myrcella too. Cersei really did love her kiddos, even if her decision had basically led to all their deaths. I mean, Cersei Lannister Sexy look at her back! Also, look at her backside! Slay, Lena Headey. As a year-old Sexg of two, Lena Headey looks amazing in that itsy bitsy pink bikini. Let us not forget the " Jennifer Love Hewitt has cellulite" thing that happened.

Hard eye roll to Sezy one. Anyway, my point is that Lena Headey looks like a real person and Cersei Lannister Sexy looks great, which is saying quite a lot since this is a paparazzi photo. Of course, makeup may have been used to cover her tattoos, but it also could have been the job of Photoshop. For the record, I have nothing against photoshop. The Crrsei is when one actually compares themselves to Photoshopped images of celebrities and thinks that level of perfect is attainable.

It's not. It's not even attained by those perfect celebrities. It's Cersei Lannister Sexy Photoshop, baby. There have been A TON of photos of the pair out and about together. Though, the pair never confirmed nor denied that they were dating, the obvious thing to assume is that Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal were dating, right? I mean, they did look pretty flirty.

The plot thickened when Lena Headey gave birth Cesrei her second child, a little girl, in But Headey never revealed who the father was. I'm holding out some Cersei Lannister Sexy. Headey is the type of actress who will always make Rosario Dawson Fappening silly face as soon as they call cut.

I'm serious, just Google search for behind the scenes pictures of Game of Thrones and you will find endless photos of Headey making goofy faces. Lena Headey is also very close with many of her fellow actors - y'know like Pedro Pascal - which speaks volumes about her as a person. Oh, and Lena Headey is also a flawless human being on Twitter. I mean, is that the least Cersei Lannister-like thing to ever do or what? She is a wonderful person, who apparently has the acting ability to play the meanest of the mean in Westeros.

I just feel like there's nothing hotter than a bad ass woman in a tank top, right? But honestly, Lena Headey has played a lot of strong ass women. She survived the Walk of Shame and Cersei Lannister Sexy deaths Cersei Lannister Sexy all three of her children. Oh, and she took the Iron Throne. Yes, Cersei may go to any length for what she wants.

She may be evil, but she is still strong. As mentioned earlier, Sarah Connor is yet Spa Laholm strong female played by Lena Headey. InLena Headey played Queen Butt Plug Before Anal, a historical figure known for her political judgment Cersei Lannister Sexy wisdom. Queen Gorgo Cersei Lannister Sexy also known for being the daughter of a king, wife of a king, Lannisfer mother of a king, Lanniwter is kind of like Cersei except that Tywin Lannister was never a king, even if he pretty much acted like one.

Though, part of what made Cersei Lannister hot was her long, blonde hair, which is no longer a thing. No Lannister. Being that her husband and all her children are dead, what Cersei wants now is power, which was a desire traditionally reserved for men in the world of Game of Thrones. Lena Headey should probably just stop wearing clothes, right? I would walk around naked all the time if I looked like that. Also, I guess we can all assume this is what Cersei Lannister looks like in the buff.

Well, we actually did see Cersei Lannister in the nude Ceresi the Walk of Shame, though there was absolutely nothing sexy about the nudity in that scene.

Cersei Lannister Sexy

Cersei Lannister Sexy

On Game of Thrones , Cersei Lannister has never been a fan favorite. In fact, she's the opposite of a fan favorite, because people really hate her And even though I may love me some Cersei Lannister, I understand how she rubs people the wrong way.

Cersei Lannister Sexy

Sorry I'm so inactive. It was giving me problems while cutting these scenes but I have happy Daenerys scenes I'll be posting hopefully tomorrow so stay tuned.

Cersei Lannister Sexy

Cersei Lannister Sexy

Cersei Lannister Sexy

Also, I guess we can all assume this is what Cersei Lannister looks like in the buff. Well, we actually did see Cersei Lannister in the nude during the Walk of Shame, though there was absolutely nothing sexy about the nudity in that scene. The scene required Cersei Lannister to be stripped down, shaved, and forced to walk all the way to the Red Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

Their minds are also bombarded with flashes of family, war, death… and lots and LOTS of sex. The fact is that some of the steamiest scenes in television history have come from Game of Thrones , meaning there are plenty to choose from. Whether it's seeing characters rutting away in some or another form of undress, a dwarf having a great time in a brothel or a squire whose prowess between the sheets leaves even professionals flabbergasted, the love-making in this show is vast and all encompassing. Seemingly everyone featured on Game of Thrones has had relations at some point, and here we list our top picks. Later on, Podrick returns not only with a smile on his face, but with all of Tyrion's money. Although not shown, this earns a slot on our list for the sole reason that Tyrion and Bronn simply could not believe what they had just heard. This particular scene takes a slot because it was one of the formative, establishing scenes for Theon Greyjoy.