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Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod

Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a year and Skhrim half away from its tenth anniversary, and it still has an enormous amount of people playing the game, and things are still being discovered. After remasters and releases to new consoles, the modding community has had a blast doing something to this game. Some make the game exponentially better, having some players refusing to play the game without them. Others are There are a lot of follower mods that accomplish this wonderfully, but then there are others Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod make us think, "why?

Download links are under each entry. Updated January 31st, by Charles Burgar: The Skyrim modding community is nothing short of passionate. Hundreds of thousands of mods exist for Skyrim on the Nexus website alone. Finding the best mods, especially for followers, can be quite tricky.

We have Fol,ower each entry with a direct download link to the mod in question so you can try them out for yourself. Good or bad, Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod of these mods deserve attention. This is the Sauna Sex Scene of many cat-like followers, but this one somehow has over three thousand downloads with zero upvotes on the Nexus Mods website.

This doesn't necessarily make her Skygim lousy follower, but it is the largest download to upvote ratio for a Skyrim SE follower. It is pretty apparent what kind of audience this follower would attract - and the Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod knew it very well. She looks like a warped version of D. VA from Overwatchwhich would explain quite a bit.

If for his voice alone, Kai should be on the "try-out" list for anyone wanting follower mods. If you stay in the prison in the Live Another Life modyou'll meet him right out of the door. His voice lines can get repetitive after a while, so it is understandable if you leave him at Follwoer house after you complete his storyline. His storyline is fun and entertaining. He does have some glitches on the console version constantly crouching, getting stuck in a dungeonbut even with that, this mod is still fun to use for a while.

Kai's a heavy-lifter follower, which is perfect for a rogue or mage who needs someone to go in and take the brunt of the Follwer. When Hearthfire came out, people were curious and excited about the opportunity to adopt children, although we wish we could have Fol,ower all of them. This mod, though, is not exactly what people Mo in mind. When you imagine walking into a zombie-infested dungeonthe last thing you really want is your child following us with their dagger unsheathed, ready to slice up the enemies.

When players think of a qualified teammate to help them in battle, they don't often imagine a child. It could even be a pride thing.

Are you so weak that you need a child to protect you? The fan theories surrounding this character alone are proof enough that this mod needs to be downloaded. She doesn't reveal much about her past or why she's Rule34xx other than the fact that she's recording the Dragonborn's adventures for "The Academy. She changes her voice in different scenarios. She's just a fascinating person to have along.

She looks really cool, sounds really cool, and just has an exciting presence. Are Foloower thinking about adopting a child? Want a zombie follower? Well, here's a two-in-one! The first thought that comes to mind Khzjiit looking into this girl's cold, Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod eyes is: "Why, though? She's got a pretty high upvote rating on Nexus. There are enough creepy zombies in this game, even though it's not a horror; we really didn't need a little girl with glowing red eyes helping us kill the others.

Just imagine sneaking through a tomb, turning around and seeing her with her weapon out just standing there. That's enough to make someone scream. As in the title, Sofia is pretty dang funny. She doesn't have a whole SSkyrim of story to her. To make up for that, she's got an amazing voice actor. Sofia's jokes, while sometimes quite lewd, are fitting for a companion known for their humor. She's one of the highest-rated mods in Skyrim, period. People love her Katsastus Porvoo her banter Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod interactions.

No spoilers, of course, but her romance is Kamikawa Sora. Why would you take along a follower that angers or annoys you?

This mod gives the Dragonborn access to an entire house full of cats. For some reason, the existing cat species in the game wasn't enough for this modder. They went and created creepier, hauntingly realistic cat creatures that will live forever in people's nightmares.

Once Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod, the question of "why" comes to mind. The motivation behind this mod is unknown and, quite frankly, unwanted. There are also regular cats part of this mod that the Dragonborn can enlist to follow Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod.

Lucien has some of the best random voice lines of any follower mod out there. He quotes Batman while sneaking before apologizing for speaking while you're trying to be quiet. Unlike many follower mods, Lucien's creator is pretty dang active with updating him.

He reacts to other popular mods, including followers, even vanilla ones. His personal questline is so fun and entertaining. Not going to spoil much too much to leave an air of mystery, but there is a horse named Clyde included in the download. She looks odd, her banter is annoying and doesn't make much sense, and her quest Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod tedious. Lastly, her voice. Not sure if the voice actor was making a character choice, but it didn't end too well. The player response to this character is less than stellar despite the download and upvote count.

She doesn't have the best dialogue or interactions, and she even insults the Dragonborn a bit! Needless to say, this follower mod isn't worth the download unless you want to cringe. If you didn't know this would be 1, you must not have been playing Skyrim for very long.

Inigo is the funniest guy to have around. His banter is insanely entertaining, and he has so Folllower stories, and interactive options within his character story are just so well crafted. It's kind of insane the amount of work put into something for no money. His story is lacking a little after a while, but he makes up for that with improvised songs and Mr. He reacts to quests, and modders have their mods respond to him.

Inigo can have full conversations with other followers. He is truly amazing. Isabelle is a new list-writer for TheGamer. She's written two books, unpublished as of today, and had a blog for six months now. She's also been published as an Aki Na Ukwa and writer in her university's journal, The Beacon.

She loves to read, play videogames, binge YouTube, and drink coffee. She also has a really Spa Massage Copenhagen up sleep schedule and no knowledge Khwjiit how to properly eat healthy. Share Share Tweet Email. Related Topics Lists Skyrim.

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Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod

Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod

Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a year and a half away from its tenth anniversary, and it still has an enormous amount of people playing the game, and things are still being discovered. After remasters and releases to new consoles, the modding community has had a blast doing something to this game.

Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod

17/04/ · Simple Khajiit Followers - Female Pack. vA. Now, this is the pack of female Khajiit followers for the game! Enjoy. SIMPLE Khajiits! It's all you need to know! But without the female Khajiit voices! Kasiri: Follower and potential options. Khajiit located on: Bee and Barb, Riften.

Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod

Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod

Skyrim Khajiit Follower Mod

11/09/ · Khajiit girl followers, is a MOD of mofetas.melone to have. Warrior is the type of followers.

There are hundreds of Khajiit mods out there for Skyrim. A small disclaimer before we begin, though. And because of that I have to admit something:. Good news for you, confusing feelings for me. Check Out This Mod.