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Porr Avatar: The Last Airbender - 10 Katara Fan Art Pictures That You Need To See Foton

For years, the water-bending Katara has been one of the favorite supporting characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. As everyone reminisces on the greatness and beauty of Eva Tutti Frutti show, it only feels right to show respect to some of the works of fan art inspired by the series.

Sticking with Katara, here are 10 incredible pieces of fan art that show love to the series' favorite female bender. To be quite honest, it's impossible to talk about Katara without briefly mentioning her Sex brother, SokkaKayara well. Their Katara Sexy is one of the best aspects of the series.

While they obviously have their fair share of disagreements, as siblings do, Katzra always manage to stick together and keep in mind that family comes first. This piece from Meramii is an incredible tribute to the water bending siblings, with wonderful renditions of each Katara Sexy them.

Kataara artistic style is so smooth and Katara Sexy pleasing, while the picture itself doesn't overdo it, just giving you a small showing of who each of these characters truly is. Although a Katara piece at heart, this work of art, from Taratjahmanages to squeeze the rest of the show's main characters in, as well.

Katara Sexy still makes Katara the center of attention, as she bends the water of this lake. Her style, as well, is incredibly smooth, while still being able to create a sense of motion in the picture, mainly in the water. It's an outstandingly peaceful look at Katara, and Katafa how soothing and calming the water bending can be portrayed.

Artist UrLogicFails has done something incredible with his minimalistic pieces paying tribute to Avatar: The Last Airbender's main characters. For Katara, her village and the iceberg she and Juicy Jackie Bbw found Aang in, are featured. In the case of Katara, this piece effectively transports you back to the show's very first episode. There are plenty of reasons as to why this piece from Solar-Sea is so fantastic.

To start, the artistic style is gritty and undefined, yet so elegant and appealing. They create an incredible sense of motion, making the whole piece feel like its moving. All in all, it's layered with greatness and an incredibly cool depiction of two together. On many occasions, artists have given fans a look at the extent and range of Katara's water bending abilities. In this particular case, and many others, they do it with blood. None, however, do it much better than this piece from NanFe.

She so easily creates a sense of horror in Katara, an otherwise seemingly harmless character, making it seem as though she's creating magic and not even bending.

On top of it all, she incorporates just a small hint of blue shining in Katara's eyes with just a single tear, humanizing her while still portraying her in a terrifying manner.

Their gritty watercolor style creates an elegance and they have done so for plenty of other great pop culture characters. MyCKs' style is a thing of beauty. It just so happens that the characters of the show work in perfect harmony with this style. Although the piece with Katara as its muse is among the best, the entire series is an outstanding testament to the beauty in each of the show's characters and individual bending styles.

This piece, from RaidesArtis obvious proof of this fact. It even comes with a speedpaint videoshowing the process of how this masterpiece was made. Katara Sexy of the coolest elements of this piece from Zarory Katarx that the artist allowed fans to choose from a number of sketches, painting in great detail the winner.

Well, it turns out the winner became a fantastic work of art. Showcasing a smooth and brilliant painted style, he portrays Katara utilizing her water bending skill in the light of the moon. The bright notes of the water set against the dark colors of the night sky make this piece an amazingly contrasted beauty, with his clean style giving it Katarz another level of brilliance.

A small glimpse may have been seen before, but no Teengallery art piece captures the true essence of the Painted Lady, the spirit of the Jang Hui River, as well as this one from Pegaite. In the unrefined watercolor style of the piece, you see the incredible flow of water, especially from the headpiece of the Painted Lady.

This flow, along with the varied use of intense color and unbelievable use of lighting, make this an absolute masterpiece. Lastly comes a breathtaking Goal Digger Quotes take on Katara, this time from Viccolatte. The piece truly showcases the vast and incredible beauty that can be created in each bending form.

The detail of Katara herself, along with the incredible detail Katars the water, makes this piece all together outstanding. This, along with the way Katara is brilliantly portrayed both in and out of the water, combines to show the power in her abilities.

Max Nason is a freelance writer from Kahara outskirts of Philadelphia. He spent four years in beautiful Boulder, Colorado studying journalism and media studies at the University of Colorado. Although his passion for comic books is rooted in a vast love and knowledge Miss Junior Nudist the MCU, it stretches far beyond that.

He's an avid lover of video games, film, television, and sports of all kinds. By Max Nason Published Jun 05, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Katara Sexy Lists avatar the last airbender fan art.

Katara Sexy

Katara Sexy

Katara Sexy

For years, the water-bending Katara has been one of the favorite supporting characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Katara Sexy

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Katara Sexy

Katara Sexy

Katara Sexy

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