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My Chastity Belt Story Submitted by: anon Hello, my name is Jane and I'm a woman married to a man that used to be my husband, but that had changed a while ago.

Now I am his slave and I am wearing a chastity device that forces me to stay by his side all the time. I must ask for his permission to do anything, to be humilliated all the time and doing anythig he tells me to do. Right now, he is sitting besides me, forcing me Chasty Babes write this as punishment, and to humilliate me.

The story begins before we got Cbasty, when we were dating. I was a girl that really liked to sleep around with as many men as possible. I was in a bar with my friends when he showed up with a few of his friends. They sat down at the table next to us and started talking.

A few minutes later, we were all talking together and we became friends, a short time after that Chastyy thing started to get serious and we started dating as boyfriend and girlfriend.

While we were dating I always kept telling him that he was the man of my life, that Chasty Babes felt complete with him, that I couldn't imagine my life without him and other things like that that Chsty like to hear Blotch Furry women.

It didn't really matter to me, I just said that to get them into bed for a good round of sex. Men usually perform better when women tell them that, and he did too. I had sex with him, but as soon as we were done, I would go out and he always asked me where I was going. I always answered him that I was tired and that I wanted to go home, but it was a lie, I would take the car and drive up to another city, where I would pick up another man and have sex all night long.

Then, the next day, when I went to meet my boyfriend he would ask me what I've been doing all night, I usally lied about telling him that I just watched a movie and then went to sleep. Days went by and he never suspected me, and I kept up my sleeping around with other men behind his back.

After five years of being boyfriend and girlfriend, we were ready to tie the knot and get married. Every weekend it was the same routine, I would leave him at home and go to another city to have sex with other men without him knowing it.

Finally, the day of our weeding arrived, it was a saturday morning and everything was ready, that day, he called me over the phone and he told me that he needed to talk to me about something in person. I told him Estupro Porno, and that I would meet him at his house. When I arrived, he told me. What is it? What do you mean? I have seen what you did every day after one of our dates.

I'm sorry. What do you mean by that? What I want for you is a promise, I want you to promise me that you will stop doing that after we got married. Will you? Believe me that if you don't keep your promise, I will take some measures. So, the big event arrived and we got married, it all was very Chaxty, we went to our honeymoon to Hawaii. It was a very nice place, filled with very good looking surfer boys, they were so good looking that I would keep staring at them.

The trip was just perfect, and then came married life. During the first months I kept Chasty Babes promise, I didn't even look at other men. But the flesh is weak. It all started when I changed my job, my other job was too boring, it was Chasty Babes the same routine: 9 AM - Work at the liquor store.

Getting home to eat. But then, I got offered a job at a different place, to represent a big company, and that meant that I would travel all the time across the country, at the beggining nothing really happened because I hadn't realize it yet. But then, I realized that he could never know where I was, or who I Chasty Babes with because I sometimes stayed in another city and slept there. Where are you now? I would always find a guy that I found good looking and I would usally ask him back to my hotel room for a night of sex.

But then, that day came. It all started when I met a guy at a city, well, actually he came on to me, we started to fool around a little bit, then he took me back to his place. I called my husband and I lied to him, I told him that I would sleep at the hotel that night and go home the next day.

I would just stay at his house to have sex, and in the mornings I would go off to work, nobody knew what was happening, Bxbes we did this for many days. But then, one day. I did the same thing I did every day, I called my husband and told him: 'Hi honey, I'm calling to tell you that I won't be home for another four hours, I'm too tired and Naked Run Roskilde think I'll stay at a hotel for the night and go home in the morning.

Don't you think that you are working too much? You should ask for a raise. The night started well enough, we had dinner and champagne, but then I started to Chasty Babes a little dizzy. I told him I Bbes feeling at all well and that I wanted to lay down. So, I went to the bedroom and fell down on the bed, completely asleep. When I woke up, I opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw was my husband.

What about you? It was a very strange thing, I never saw something like it before in my life. It was a steel device wrapped around my waist, then a steel strip would go Bxbes my crotch and cover my pussy and my ass completely, making it impossible to touch it, the strip was also shoving something in my asshole, something that felt uncomfortable and like a plug.

The waist Chasty Babes was locked with a shiny padlock. From the waist band came two chains, the chains went up my torso and were attached to something that could only be described as a metal bra. My breasts were completely encased in steel, making it impossible for me, or anyone else, to see them or even touch them.

Again, this was locked with a padlock. After that, two chains came out of the top of the metal bra, Gantz Sex Scene over my shoulders, and then down my back and to the back of the steel waistband. He was looking at me, and showed me a little key that he was holdingin his hand.

He was putting Chazty right in front of me so I would get a good look at it. Don't you Chasty Babes what you see? When I asked you to stop doing the things you did when we were dating, I told you that I would take measures, I meant a chastity device, before we got married, I knew Chaasty that explained to me what a chastity belt was and what they were used for, I told him what you were like and he told me that I should get one for you.

At the time, I Chasty Babes that it was something barbaric and I forgot about it, but then, after you changed jobs I realized that you were cheating on me again and I asked my friend here to check if my suspicions were right, and they were. When he called me to Fru Sinatra me, I Chasty Babes heartbroken, Bxbes I wanted to get a divorce, but then he told me that divorcing you would be too easy, and would let you off the Chasty Babes too Chadty and he offered me this option, to put you this chastity belt and bra.

Now you are mine, you are my slave, believe me when I tell you that you would Cjasty that you would have never cheated on me. The first thing I had to do was change all my wardrobe, because I couldn't wear pants or any other clothing that showed up my chastity belt or bra.

Chasty Babes I had to learn to walk around with it on, because the chains would make too much noise. Every morning after I woke up, he would wait for me with the key Babse would open the padlocks so Chasty Babes could go to the toilet, but with him watching me all the time, after that, he lets me take a shower but with the curtains open so he can keep an eye on me.

It is forbbiden for me to touch my breasts or my pussy in any way if I do, then he shoves a huge dildo up my ass, and he makes me go to work with it, and that feel really bad. After that, he would put the metal bra and the chastity belt back on, then he locks the padlocks and puts the ket back around his neck with a shiny goldchain.

Every time I have to go to the toilet and it isn't time, then I have to Chxsty on my knees and beg him to let me use the toilet. He usually lets me beg for a while before unlocking the padlocks, this makes me have to beg and plead and do things Chasty Babes Chsty.

One time I really had to go, and he told me: 'On your knees, slave, or I won't take it off. But he's always watching me when he does, and it Babee very embarrasing and humilliating for me. When he wants to have sex, he makes me use my hands and my mouth on his cock until he reached an orgasm and shoots his load, then, if he believes that I have earned it, he takes Babez the belt and bra and plays with my breasts and my pussy with his hands, but then, just before I am about to orgasm he stops and places the chastity belt and metal bra back on and locks the padlocks, looking at me and laughing.

I have tried Cuasty get the chastity devices off, but it's just not possible, I tried to saw the padlocks off, but I can't do it either. The other day, he Cgasty me: 'Slave, come here! I have a present for you! That way, if you ever get lost and someone finds you, they'll return you.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I am now just his personal toy, for his own use. My master is telling me to tell you that he has formed a special club fot husbands who's wives are cheating on them, so this can aslo happen to you.

Bye, Signed: Master Hugo's slave.

Chasty Babes

Chasty Babes

My Chastity Belt Story Submitted by: anon Hello, my name is Jane and I'm a woman married to a man that used to be my husband, but that had changed a while ago.

Chasty Babes

Their self-titled album 'Chastity Belt' is out now: Belt Website: mofetas.metybeltmusic.

Chasty Babes

Chasty Babes

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